At Apex Outdoor Systems we don't just put in lawn sprinklers.

We provide our clients with Premium Irrigation Systems that provide all of the essential watering needs to their lawn and gardens.  We install top quality systems with remote accessible control systems and design to tailor-fit any landscape.

With efficient and effective designs to help reduce consumption and provide the landscape with the perfect amount of water,  Apex Outdoor Systems is the only choice for any client serious about their landscape.


Commercial Irrigation systems have their own set of challenges.  Efficient and effective systems are an absolute must for commercial properties.  Apex takes into consideration the needs of operations staff and site stakeholders. These solutions may include Anti-Vandal solutions to Off-Site Water Management.

Multi Family + Condo

Apex Irrigation specializes in managing multifamily complexes and condominium complexes.  With large irriation systems it pays to have a contractor who has experience with all types of irrigation components.  From Leak Detection to Seasonal Adjustments, Apex offers a wide variety of solutions to meet any need.


Every Irrigation System needs to be managed and maintained.  Apex has residential solutions to ensure that every homeowner has an efficient and effective system.  Apex offers Annual Maintenance Programs for any system.  Apex also offers SMART solutions for the connected homeowner.

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